Material settings

Yes, I’ve seen all the tutorial videos, and yes, I’ve seen how the material editor works. But, it just doesn’t work like in the very minimal videos. I can’t get any glossy materials for example. Just wondering if there is a standard set of material settings available to use for things like (semi) glossy plastic, mirrors, glass, wood etcetera.

Hello Marcel,
The material editor includes all those types of materials mentioned above, have you been able to locate them?

Hello Nicola,
Of course I’ve been able to locate everyting. Tried all possible material settings in the material editor to get some result. And yes, I do get mirror and glass, both also in colours. But not a glossy material. Nothing happens when switching from nothing to diffuse to glossy to glossy diffuse. Let alone some spectacular change as with the porsche in your tutorial video.
So, when you have a template file with all the right settings in it, that would be very very usefull.
I use sketchup pro 2020 for mac.

Hello Marcel,
Are you sure the matching criteria is correct? Try to switch to maching criteria to “Always” to make sure the material is actually being applied.

Of course I use an ‘always’ option! Just like it is shown in the tutorial videos. But I want to make exceptions to that, (placed above the ‘always’, before you are going to ask that instead of giving an answer) to be able to have different kinds of materials. And yes, I do everything like it is done in the videos, names, references, settings, order of materials, everything.
Like I said, you must have a file with all kinds of materials in it that work. Or someone else must have that. I know for sure I will make such a file for my own convenience. But it has no use to make it when the promised effects don’t show up.

Hello Marcel,

We are doing our best to solve your issue, please switch to a more polite tone if you want to get any help.

Please send us the file that is not working and we will take a look.

Hello Nicola,

Of course I would like your help. I’ve watched all tutorial videos before even downloading the trial version. I did some great rendering even in the trial period, it is easy to use with surprisingly good results. But, like I said, there are just some things I don’t get to work. And since there is no ‘manual’ or anything more elaborate than the video’s, I went to search in the forum. But unfortunately I can’t find any solution to my problems. And it doesn’t help that the standard reaction is “did you watch the tutorials?”. I did, probably 10 times. Pausing them, whatching 10 seconds again and again. Following everything that happens in the tutorial and it just doesn’t result in the effect I would like.
Of course I can send you a file with examples, and the renderings that I get from those settings. Please let me know where I can send them to.

Best regards,

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