More section planes active than required

When rendering a Sketchup model with a particular section plane active, AO activates other section planes and only half the model is rendered. The section plane is defined in Scenes and looks fine in the Sektchup window, but selecting render within the AO extension activates other section planes.

I’m using

  • Sketchup Pro 2020 v20.2.171
  • OS 11.1

Any suggestions? (apart from stripping my computer of every file and rebuilding)


Alex Liddell

Having same / similar problem. AO seems to have a mind of it’s own when picking which section plane to render (or none at all). It will even still render section planes after they’ve been deleted. Sometimes switching the preset style resolves it but usually doesn’t.

Hi Nathanc,

I have not found a solution for this as such, but my work around is to create a separate sketchup file for rendering, and then deleting the section planes not required from that model. There is probably a better way.