Multiple scene rendering

Hi there!
I`m wondering, is there any options to render multiple scenes in Fluid Ray, not at the same time, but at least in some queue? Or I can render just one scene, then navigate to the second one manually?

Thank You


This feature, called batch rendering, will be included in one of the upcoming releases.

Hi Nicola,
Total FI virgin here! … looks like the new release you often refer to will give us all our great additional features
When can we expect the next release please? :thinking:

Hello Martin,

A new version of FluidRay supporting animation has been released a few days ago. We don’t have a release date for the next version, but batch rendering is a very high priority feature that we plan to implement soon.

Hi Nicola,
And thanks for your response.
Loving the software so far :ok_hand: one suggestion: would it be possible in future releases to have a “Two Point Perspective” option button such that verticals are automatically made vertical which would save a lot of time tweaking the view to get them as near vertical as possible?

Hello Martin, we have it on our to do list, it will be available in one of the next releases.

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Youre a Legend, Nicola! Thanks :blush: