Noise in Interior Renderings

Any tips how to remove noise from interior renderings? So it look Clean. :slight_smile: :
Just like the images shown on the fluidray website!


Without seeing any images showing what you mean, longer render times and maybe better HDR.

Hi Rhinorudi,
I’m having the same problem with noise :

This image is from a rendering I did last night. FluidRay RT says that it took 8h 26m. However when I looked at my computer this morning it was hibernating? I looked in on it after a couple of hours last night and it was rendering, so I know that it has been running for that long.

This second image is a small test which took about half an hour I did earlier yesterday. Here the noise is very pronounced :

I’m using an HDR image, resolution 15000 x 7500 pixels in 72 dpi - size 329MB, for lighting the scene. It has 50 in RGB color scaling. Is that the light in the scene?

It is rendered on a Core i7 6700 processor, 4.2 GHz (turbo) with 32 GB of ram.

Maybe do a test with a higher DPI HDR, that is my suggestion at this point. Well now that I look at the HDR I use they are a little smaller than the one you used and are 72 DPI. I do jewellery though, so my renders are simpler .

Not sure if that helps or adds more confusion, but maybe look at simple studio HDR as well. Have you looked at HDR LightStudio?

Thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile: I have now also tried a Peter Guthrie HDR image from my work computer and that is also just in 72 dpi and actually smaller resolution then the first HDR. I still get the same noise though… Must be some settings that I don’t understand yet in FluidRay RT. Ah, jewellery sounds cool, and small. I work with interior renderings and furniture design, and up until now I have been rendering with Vray 2.0, but I loath all the tons of settings and tweaks needed to produce a good rendering. Therefore FluidRay RT seems like a really good alternative. I just need to figure out how the settings work, and if I can use distributed rendering on the servers at work as well as queuing up multiply renderings.


I experience the same problem, usually when there are several lights or emitting objects in the scene.

An alternative solution I use is to reduce noise in Photoshop with Nik Collection’s Dfine filter, helps a lot to get rid of some unwanted noise and has some control to keep the images sharp.