Opacity mask?

Hello . I see grid in the car model don’t have opacity
I ask if metal support opacity map or can we add alpha texture to any
Material in the scene ?
I try to make opacity to the grid but i see two faces with the same maps
<img src='/uploads/default/26/b113d18d4376e70c.jpg'>
<img src='/uploads/default/30/615e2ff3eb5458db.jpg'>
<img src='/uploads/default/34/bf4e334065ef5f6a.jpg'>
<img src='/uploads/default/38/16b0793ae70e8b35.jpg'>

Hi Seghier,
Opacity is supported in the materials imported from obj files and also if you use the “obj” surface scattering. You just have to connect an opacity texture to the “Tf” parameter. In the 3rd and 4th picture, is it what you are doing? It looks like the grid is not just a simple face, but it has some thickness (2 parallel faces at a certain distance). Isn’t it just a problem of the model? or am I missing something?

  • Nicola

Hi Nicola ; thank you for reply
i connect grid.png with “d” and i reduce the scale ; i think the grid is a solid ; not a surface and when we apply texture we see the two faces;
i have question about translucent material and roughness glass : itry but i can’t make them

Yes, it looks like it is a solid. Rough glass coming soon…