Part of the Model doesn't Render at all?

I rendered my SKP model and while the products look great, the images dont render. See attached. These are JPG’s placed on the SKP model as an “Image” in a CMYK format as a JPG.


Have you tried converting the images in RGB format?

I did yes, they were originally rgb, I changed to cmyk to see if that was the issue,

From the rendering alone it’s hard to tell which image is not rendering. Can you please provide a screenshot of the SketchUp model for comparison?

nicola, of course,. see the attached screen shot of the skp model.

Can you please share the model so we can take a look? You can upload here as .zip format

nicola, of course, see the attached zip file from wetransfer. the actual zip file is too big, above 4mb. Eric

Thanks for the file, we’ll take a look at the issue.

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