PBRT and mitsuba render

Hi there.
I don´t now if this is a request or somthing like that, but whatever…Looking the world with my eyes and as a blender user i recently see what mitsuba render can do.
Incredible realistic images, very fast,…Buuuut I´ve spend one day working with the materials that are as usefull than useless.
I´ve try to compile the PBRT native renderer few times, but no deal…
And today i´was thinking in: if the mitsuba renderer is based in the PBRT works but it´s made by a programmer and you need to be a NASA hyperspatial engineer to make something usefull, can you use any of those 2 works to agilice or improve the renderer?
Aparently the Wenzel Jacob´s thesis is opened and downloadable here http://www.mitsuba-renderer.org/devblog/2013/07/its-done/
I like this renderer (fluidray), and maybe they are implemented…Just in case you didn´t see before.
thank you
p.d. i hope this question don´t disgusted you…If it´s the case i´m sorry, i was looking only a way to improve this work.

Thanks for the suggestions. Mitsuba is indeed a very nice piece of software. Many of the algorithms present in Mitsuba have been around for a while but others are very cutting edge. With FluidRay RT we will always try to keep up with the latest research in rendering.