Problem w/ Scene Changes


I have a model set up with multiple scenes. When I render out the first scene, save the file, move onto the next scene, and hit update it still renders out elements from the previous scene which are no longer on screen. I have a lot of scenes to go through and I shutting down sketchup between these scenes is not at all ideal. Please help


Hi Tension,
we’re unable to reproduce the problem. Could you please tell me which version of SketchUp you’re using and if you’re running under Windows or OSX? Have you tried deselecting SketchFX tool and re-selecting it?


I am on Sketchup Pro 2018 Version 18.0.16975 64-bit on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (Build 17134). I have tried to deselect the sketchFx tool and i’ve tried switching to preset and then re-loading my saved style. If you would like I can create a video of the issue for you.


Hi Tension,
A video of the issue could help a lot. Thanks!


Zip file contains video of the issue and my skx file of the style I’m using which gives issues so maybe you can reproduce it.

As you can see when I use the style I saved it always reverts back to the original scene I “rendered” regardless of which scene I am on. In other instances it also kept the lines from scenes containing different elements. So if I had a sphere in one scene and cube in the other and swapped between them I would retain the line of the other in their respective scenes. Anyway, its just not ideal to have to shutdown and start back up to render out each scene since I have lots of these to make.



Did I manage to break something? :grin:


Hi Tension! Thanks for the video, we’re working on it and we’ll get back to you in the next few days.


Hi Tension,
we’ve solved the issue and it will be implemented in the new upcoming release. In the meantime, you can turn “Auto update” on or update two times.



Updating two times unfortunately does not solve the issue and neither does having auto update turned on. It still produces the same ghosted elements and still creates previous scenes. The only thing that works for me it shutting down sketchup and starting it back up and switching scenes before activating sketchFX/AO. I appreciate looking into it and look forward to that update. Is there any timeline you could provide as to when that will be released?

Thank you


Hi Tension,
we’re planning the release for this week.


We’ve just released version 1.0.21 (with several bug fixes). You can download it from your users panel (clicking on the “Manage licenses” link in the purchase email).