Problem with animation

I have an Error pop up after clicking Create Animation button. The message is: Unable to encode video. I don’t know what is the reason, in some Sketchup (2018) models it works and in few doesn’t it seems to be random. But there is something probably in the model it self, or in Skethup settings. It doesn’t matter if I relaunch Sketchup, the skp files which SketchFX refused to animate still don’t work and rest of skp’s work.

Have you tried changing the video format while saving? Could you please also send me (with a private message) one of the non working models?

OK the problem is only witch encoding to AVI. Some of the models don’t render. I’ve sent you an example to your mail.

Well I thought problem was gone but no. So far as AO is involved in rendering, there is a problem with accomplish animation. Usually rendering stops after a time - percentage progress of render is not changing and processor load it is in idle. When I render again I got message “Unable to encode video” no matter which format I chose (AVI, MPEG etc) I have to restart Sketchup. If the animation is short 2-3 scenes then I manage to finish rendering if it’s longer then there is no chance. When AO is not on the effects list, then rendering is finishing with no interruptions.

This is the animation which should be 40s long I can manage to render maximum 3-4 seconds

  • Can you please verify if this problem occurs also with SU 2017?
  • Can you also plase try temporarily disabling SU autobackup?
  • Are you using Windows or Mac?
    We’re trying to reproduce the issue.


Problem is resolved, it was related with autobackup. When it’s off I can finalise rendering. Thanks Alberto!