Question about using an Image Texture

I have brought in an image by Adding a Texture node to import an image. In the following screenshot, working through the dialog box / Attribute Editor;
Multi Connection / Scale,
the ‘colour’ box is the colour adjustment for image (white = no change) and the slider is the amount of colour
Multi Connection / Mapping / Scale,
this would scale on X-Axis & Y-Axis
Multi Connection / Mapping / Rotation,
this would scale on Z-Axis
Multi Connection / Mapping / Translation,
This is for ???


If you change the translation in the range from 0-1 you will move the texture left-right / up/down, i.e. try to set it to 0.2

PS. “Multi Connection / Mapping / Rotation” rotates the the texture around the Z axis

Thanks, rotate on Z. Will try Translation adjustment.

@nicola, while I am still setting up a render like we do in Flamingo right now. I was wondering about the scale adjustment amounts in the following situations. What does 1-10,000 relate too? See images, red boxes.

Setting up a 'floor" / plane to match our regular Flamingo groundPlane. It seems like Bump map works better than Normal in my situation, for a Displacement Node. A presto, Randy

Hi Randy,
The “Amount” paramenter in the displacement determines how much Bump/Normal mapping effect you are gonna have. If you use normal maps, I would suggest keeping the amount in the range 0-2, while for bump mapping the amount depends highly on the bump map you are using

The “Shininess” parameter in the material scattering is how much the material is close to a perfect mirror vs to a glossy surface. A smaller amount makes it more glossy like, while a bigger amount makes it more mirror like