Renaming Folders in New User Library

When I set up new folders and rename them, the folders in Documents / FluidRay RT / User Libraries do not change to reflect changed name in FluidRay Program - Library Window.

If I do not change the name myself in Finder (just working in OSX here, have not tried on Windows), they do not stay updated on a restart.

Also Renaming Folders in Library is a bit hard to read if not highlighted.

While in the renaming mode, this may be a feature request. When renaming a material, we have to do it in a pop-up window. This would be nice to do in material itself like Library / New Folder renaming, Click to highlight and change name there.

Thanks - Randy

Hi Randy,

Have you trying in Windows yet? Do you have the same problem?

I’m also adding the renaming feature request to the todo list.

I will try with Windows tomorrow at work, Home today, snowstorm. I didm’t try on my Trial here under Parallels on my Mac. Was more seeing about intégration and saving materials between Rhino Integration, Stand-alone Windows and OSX.

Thanks, Randy

Hi Nicola,

I just tried on Windows under Parallels on my Mac. The folders do not change .

Before Opening Rhino+FluidRay

While FluidRay Integration is On.

I hope this helps, Randy

Thanks Randy, we found the bug. It will be fixed in the next version.