Saving Camera Nodes / Views

When doing renders with Flamingo for Rhino, in Rhino we can set up a named view and render that view. So, if we make material changes or object changes we can re-render with object in the exact same position.

In FluidRay RT, we can set up our “View” in Render window and save that Camera node so we can go back to it if we move our object.

Can we save this Camera node to Library to use in other files? It would be help full for my work to do so.

Thanks, Randy

Hi Randy,
You can save every node in the graph editor to the library, matter of fact, you can even select a group of nodes and drag them directly to the library. Just drag the camera node to the library, then open a new file, and drag the node from the library back to the graph editor.

Thats great, I should have tried that.

Thanks Nicola, this was one of my worries about using a stand alone program as opposed to Flamingo within Rhino.