Selecting one side of box

Good day! I Just want to ask how to select one side of a box and then chamfer it, I have tried to chamfer a box, but in all sides of the box not on specific side of a box I want. so how do I do that?

Good day! Normally to do something like that, you need to select only the edges that you want to chamfer, based on some of their properties, for example their center being at a specific location. Below is an example that select edges that have the Z coordinate of their center greater than (38.6 KB)

You can download a package of more than 40 samples here

well the package has only 36 samples not more than 40. and then I have tried to make it using a box, but it didnt work. please help.

ive made it! HAHAHA! thanks but the package is only 36 samples only.

Thanks for pointing that out, we’ll add a few more (38.7 KB)

ok no problem :smile: thanks for the sample too. and can I have a request too? can you add more to the user manual, like command functions, how to do’s, how to use’s and etc. so that it can help us more clearly and it helps mostly the beginners. that’s all! cheers and more power!

We are currently working on improving the documentation, stay tuned :wink:

how can you fillet a 2d shape? I am trying to obtain the roundness inside a holed shape. Like in the image

Here is my model I am working on filet inside brep.rar (1.6 MB)