SketchFX causes TDR Failure nvlddmkm.sys

I was wondering why i suddenly started getting the bluescreens, so i did the DDU safe boot clean out and reinstall process. Did that twice and tried changing to latest studio drivers instead of latest gaming drivers (nvidia) - and then i realised that the only time i get the TDR bluescreen is when i am using SketchFX and attempting to multitask at the same time (i.e. if i am rendering an image with SketchFX and i try to do some other work, like typing emails, or editing a photo - whatever the task may be (nothing too intensive) - it always, always causes the BSOD. Its entirely repeatable.
Did anyone else see that problem, or make the connection ?

Hi ltchest, we never encountered this issue and it’s the first time a user reports it. It’s probably a driver issue; changing “use viewport” option in SketchFX resolution window may solve it.