SketchFX Image Resolution Too Low

Really like the effects but the exported image are pretty low resolution and show lines with many pixelated edges. Sketchup can natively export a much higher resolution and I can get a much better effect with exporting the styles myself and using photoshop to blend them.

Please increase the resolution output of SketchFX and I think you have something very good. As it is, the images are too pixelated for me to present professionally.

Hi David,
we’re working on a solution to get higher resolution images. In the meantime, you can highly increase lines’ quality by using antialiasing (in SketchUp menu, preferences -> OpenGL).
Kind Regards,


Good news! I will be purchasing both plugins. When do you think the Higher Res image export will be available?

Hi David,
we’ve not an precise release date, but most probably within few weeks.


we’re almost ready with the new release of SketchFX, featuring custom resolution. We give an example here:


Edit: custom resolution implementation was easier than expected. We’ve already published the updated version

You guys are AWESOME! I just bought the EX versions of AO and SKetchFX

I have another request! How about rendering SketchFX in a separate window? I will post a new thread for that one.