SketchFX in its own window

Similar to how AO works, I would like to see SketchFX in its own window. Theres a couple reasons why I would like this:

  1. Sometimes I want to open SketchFX and create some effects or modify an existing effect before it renders, having the window open up and not start renderign until i tell it to would be nice.

  2. I would like to be able to rotate ad zoom my model without having SketchFX interfere with the view port as it does.n

Might be more reasons and other people who think this is a good idea.


Hi David,
SketchFX needs SketchUp’s viewport to work, so, at the moment, we can’t implement this feature. By the way, if you uncheck “Auto update” on SketchFX’s dialog you can manually update the render by clicking on refresh tool (in SketchFX’s toolbar).