SketchFX not working properly

Hi Alberto,

I have bought a new machine (higher spec) and have transferred my SketchFX Pro & A/O Pro to the new machine and have transferred the licenses over from the license manager. O/A is working fine, however when I try to use SketchFX Pro I get an error message saying (Error on AmbientOcclusion: Unable to run AmbientOcclusion). I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling them both but get the same message.

Please Help.


please make sure to download and install the latest version of AmbietOcclusion from the User Panel. The latest version is 1.14.2.


Hi - yes I am using the latest version. To double check - I uninstalled A/O - downloaded the version from the user panel and get the same error message.

We’re unable to reproduce the problem. Could you please verify the following:

  • you’ve downloaded and installed SketchFX 1.0.13 (released today);
  • you’ve downloaded and installed AmbientOcclusion 1.14.2 (released last week);
  • you’ve restarted SketchUp after installation;
  • you’ve activated them (through Estensions->AmbientOcclusion/SketchFX->Activate).
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