SketchFX Pro & AO Pro stopped working


I have tried to render some images today and neither FX Pro or AO Pro are working (it just hangs on 0%) It was working fine until this morning.

I am running the latest version of Sketchup and my OS is macOS Sierra. I have uninstalled both FX & AO, closed computer down and restarted - then re-installed both FX & AO from my download link following purchase.

I have also tried rendering a blank SketchUP file and the same happens.

Please help - I have deadlines today.


we’ve just released a SketchFX update (1.0.12). Please go to the user panel to download the latest version (you’ll find the link in the purchase email).


Thanks Alberto - all working fine with the new updates.

Is there anywhere I can find notifications for new updates as I was not aware? Or could we be notified.


You’re welcome. We’re implementing a notification system to enable users to get notified about new releases.