SketchFX Pro crashes SketchUp

Hi there, I hope I can get some help to resolve a new issue I’m having. I’m running SketchUp 2020 and have SketchFX plugin version 2.1.5
I’ve been regularly using SketchFX for a while now without experiencing any problems, however I updated my operating system to macOS Big Sur version 11.5 and now when I try to activate SketchFX it causes SketchUp to immediately crash.

I imagine that there’s a compatibility issue between the operating system and my version of SketchFX. Does this mean I’ll have to purchase an entirely new license and upgrade SketchFX?

Thank you.

Hi MrBree,
Older versions of SketchFX didn’t support Big Sur. You need to upgrade your license in order to get the latest version (you don’t need to purchase a new license). If you have an AmbientOcclusion installed, please uninstall it and try SketchFX again before upgrading.

Thank you for your reply Alberto. So upgrading my license means paying an upgrade fee. Is that correct?

Hi MrBee,
Yes, you’re correct.