Sketchup 2018 update not working with AO!

Sketchup 2018 update not working with this plugin. Do we have an update and where can it be found?

Hello, please contact us directly via email and we’ll provide the download link for the latest version supporting SketchUp 2018:

Unfortunately I’m unable to find where this login panel is on your site. It’s not very easy to navigate and when I’ve clicked on ‘here’ on the site it doesn’t work. Please advise the EXACT requirements to activate this update. Kind regards.

The problem should be fixed. If you still experience issues, please contact support directly:

Thanks!!! All good now. Kind Regards.

Me again, I’ve been locked out of my account and now it wants me to activate an already activated license. Can’t seem to make sense of this. Help!

Hello Pixelhead, have you tried re-entering the activation information? This issue can happen sometimes if you update your computer.

Yes I have but no luck. Here’s the message I get…

“There are no available licenses for AmbientOcclusionEx.
Please check the purchase confirmation email to verify that you are activating the product you purchased.
Please also make sure that you haven’t already activated a number of machines equal to the number of licenses you purchased for this product. If this is the case, you can contact support to request a license transfer.”

Kind Regards,

You need to free the your previously activated license, by going to the your user panel and clicking on the “Activations” button. I already did it for you, so now you should be able to re-activate your license by entering the activation credentials.

Thanks for doing that. I’m still unable to activate the license as I’m now getting a message saying the information is incorrect. Could you please provide me with the activation details as the password etc., previously sent is invalid.

Kind Regards,

Scratch my last message please. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. The login information worked!

Kind regards,

I have tried emailing and gotten no reply. Can I get the DL link for Ambient Occlusion Pro 2018? Your site only DL’s Ambient Occlusion EX. When I try to go through the extension warehouse it only gives me the ability to purchase. I already have paid for my license, but can’t activate it through the warehouse. I am desperate to get this working as I have a heavy deadline. Thank you!

Hi Michael,
You should have received an email answer by now, let me know if you didn’t.

Hi Nicola,

Can you please do the same for me? I have repurchased my new upgrade, but Im getting the same error as pixelhead. I’m not sure where the user panel is to deactivate previous licenses. Thanks!

Hi Michael,

You can access the user panel by clicking the “Manage Licenses” in your purchase confirmation email. I already freed the license for you. I can now activate again by entering the information in your purchase confirmation email.

Thanks for everything Nicola. You’ve been great!!!