Sketchup 2022 compatibility

Just updated Sketchup to 2022 and installed the latest AmbientOcclusion Pro 3.0.1
I can see it in my extension menu, but nothing happens when selected… any tips?
(got the same issue for sketchFX)

What operating system are you using? If it’s Mac, please note that currently AmbientOcclusion and SketchFX require at least OSX 11.

OsX 12.1
MacBook Pro 16 - 2021
Apple M1 Max

I am experiencing the same issue where nothing happens.
Sketchup 2022
OSX 12.1 with Apple M1 PRO.

Support for M1 chips will be added in the near future. In the meanwhile, as a workaround, you can start SketchUp in Rosetta mode:

Come on…
Could not be even en option to go back to rosetta as we finally have a stable version of SU with 2022!

Good to hear you are working on the M1 support! For now: which version is better to use with 2022, 2.8 or 3.0? In 2021 I seem to be getting some very different material render results with 2.8 and 3.0…

You should use version 3.0. Version 2.8 used only the material assigned to the front face, while version 3.0 takes into account both sides. Also, version 3 is much faster.

same issue / hardware setup here. get nothing when trying to initiate AO.

Sketchup 2022 SUCKS… issues everywhere.

We are glad to announce that SketchFX, AmbientOcclusion and FluidImporter now have native support for Apple Silicon (M1). Just download and install the latest version available on your user panel.

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Can you please add some instructions to update? It doesn’t work in sketchup extension manager (2021 or 2022) , and your website does not provide with a download for the pro version, only the ex version…

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Please download and install the latest version from the User Panel. You can access the User Panel through the “Manage licenses” link contained in the purchase confirmation email.

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I did get it installed, works good with M1. But I noticed somewhere else there now is a version with additional lighting possibilities. Of course that’s the version I want. I downloaded 3.1 Pro, uninstalled 3.0.2, but unfortunately I am not able to get it installed in SU2022. What can be the problem?

Edit: just noticed the emitting option is available in 3.0.2 too…

Yes, lighting is available starting from version 3.0. What error are you getting when trying to install 3.1?

“Failed to install AmbientOcclusionPro-3.1.0.rbz.”
Lighting is a really important update, I guess a lot of users will be happy to have this option. So you should have shout out to the world about this great new feature!

Most likely the file is correpted, please download it again. The follow the instructions to install from the download page.

Impossible to install the ambientocclusion extension from mac sketchup 22.0.353.

Failed to install!

try to download 10 times the files.

Pls help, your software looks amazing and I would like to try it.

Hello, what browser are you using?
Please make sure the download is completed before trying to install. The file is pretty large (228Mb) so it make take some time to download.