Sketchup Pro 2021 Crashed during Animation Rendering multiple Scenes

I have been trying to Animate Render Multiple Scenes in Sketchup Pro 2021. Not only is it incredibly slow, but it crashes and generates a Nug Splat Error each time around the 20% progress mark ( and 5-6 hours of elapsed time).
I have re-installed Sketchup, optimized file size, changed the Style, eliminated Materials and Purged Unused Geometry, Components and even eliminated Layers. I have also Deactivated all other extensions and tried without internet connection.
I am using Windows 10 Operating System and have 20 GB of RAM and a NVidia Video Card.

I have no idea what to do next to animate render the scenes.

Please Adbise

Hello Taylor,

Please send the scene to our support team, we’ll test it on our machines. It looks like there is a bug when trying to render long animations. A temporary workaround, until we fix the bug, could be to render the animation in smaller peaces and stitch them together later.

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for the prompt response.
It says that the ZIP file is too large to send (79.9 MB).

Please adbise how I could send it to you



Please use WeTransfer:, and use our support email as Email to in the appropriate box.

I turnes off Auto Save which has fixed thye No Response and Crash issue. However after more than72 hours, the render progress is a little over 11%

Am sending file for Wetransfer today,


Taylor Aponte

Thanks for the file, we received the file. It’s great that you found a workaround by turning off autosave during the rendering of the animation.