SketchUp Scenes

I am new to FluidRay (just downloaded trial) and am looking to use it with SketchUp. I am wondering how to select specific saved SketchUp (SU) Scenes from within FluidRay (FR)? I haven’t found any options for doing that?

Is it possible that FR will only work with the last saved state of the SU model and that if I want to render several SU Scenes, I will actually have to save each SU Scene as a separate SU model file an import them separately in FR?

That would be an unfortunate and cumbersome workaround, but… not impossible to work with. Any info about this would be appreciated.

FluidRay imports the current SketchUp scene. You can select it in the camera tab, it’s called “Imported camera”. Currently only the current scene is imported, so you have save the different scenes as different files. We will add the feature to import of the different scenes in one of the upcoming releases of FluidRay