Small casino dining area

This are some concept renders of the dining area of a small casino. You can see they are concept renders as there is a table embedded to a column and things like that!
However, as concept renders they were quite successfull, the client liked them a lot, and almost nothing was changed from the original concept.
Revit+Shade+some modified sketchup furniture+fluidray 1.1.3
For being interior renders with dimly lit parts, render times were quite acceptable…

They look great! Thanks for sharing! The version released today should improve convergence speed in this situations.

Here is a slightly revised version.

Nice! Are you using the Path Trace Integrator? Did you try with the Bidirectional Integrator to see if you get faster render times?

This is with the bidirectional integrator. I did not really use it for faster render times, but rather I was experimenting and the bidirectional integrator let me preview faster the effect of the lighting I am using.
Which, come to think of it, was due to being faster :slight_smile: