Some wishes for Viz too

VizPro is the best SU plugin I‘ve used.
It enables me to make efficient tools for my work.
For more convenient use. I wish this could be made in the future:

Other language display support,not~~~~~~~again :smiling_face_with_tear:

Better UI improve. Too many small nodes, unable to see the nodes and lines clearly :smiling_face_with_tear:

Can we add some color like this?

Hello UCWS, thanks for the suggestions! We’ll add the to our todo list.
A couple of questions:

  • What kind of projects do you use Viz Pro for? That would help us prioritize the new features.
  • Which software did you take the last screenshot from?

Thanks Nicola!

  • I am currently mainly used for building construction plan model making and calculation.
  • This screenshot is RailClone, a 3dsMax Plugin.

Thanks, can you provide a screenshot of the model? It would be interesting to see

This is one of the tools I made with VisPro. I use it to quickly make raft foundations. Then used it for building construction planning.
There are also some finished and unfinished tools that will help me a lot in my work.

Thanks, that’s very interesting!