SU2020 compatible version - when?

When can we expect a SU2020 compatible version? I was installing extensions the other day and this is one that failed.

Hi juju, we’ve already released the updated version, SU2020 compatible. Please download it from the user panel or directly from SketchFX’s page, if you’ve the ex version.

Thanks for the feedback. Will this be the case for SketchFX as well?

Pity that there wasn’t any e-mail communication from Fluid Interactive regarding this. Or anything here on the forum, it seems. Or anything on the webpages.

Hi Juju,
SketchFX and all our extensions, updated to support SU 2020, have been released soon after the SU 2020 release; every web page have been updated immediately. We were waiting to be able to update them on the (updated) warehouse before announcing it on the forums.

Can concur that current version 2.7.0 works just fine with SU 2020.