SUAnimate or similar

Hey along with SketchFX ability to animate output videos, it would be also amazing if we could us SUAnimate or some similar keyframe animation plugin.

See this:

SketchFX is already compatible with upcoming Fredo6 Animator plugin (there’s no release date yet):

We’ll take a look into SUAnimate, thanks!

This looks really great, I was not aware of Fredo6’s upcoming plugin and I am sure its going to be awesome. The problem for me si that we have no idea how long he is going to take to get it out.

I really need some animation with SketchFX as soon as I can get it. I don’t see any way to get into the beta of Fredo6’s plugin. How hard would it be to implement SUanimate or something similar? There are a few SU animation plugins already.

Just curious, otherwise I am forced to wait I guess.

That video above is very exciting. Thanks!

We’ve to get in contact with SUAnimate’s author and see if we can do it and how hard it would be.