Tab Keying between selections

Since I usually work with one hand on the keyboard and one on the mouse, it would be nice if the amount in a box was highlighted when you click into it and also when you tab to it. See images …

When I tab now, I have to click the box then select all the text and then enter new amount. It should be that when I tab or click into a box to change amount, it is automatically highlighted, like …

Just a side note, should this forum category be changed to 2 separate ones,one called Bugs and a separate one called Feature Requests ?

I just figured out that I can use Command+A (Windows) / Ctrl+A (Mac) ro highlight each section. This is fairly quick and keeps my left hand on Keyboard and just moves right to Number pad to enter the amounts.


Did you mean Command+A (Mac) / Crtl+A (Windows)? I think you’ve got the Window <-> Mac inverted

Yes,still early Sunday here and only 2 espresso. :slight_smile: