Test rendering of an interior

What an effort guys! is a bit of time that I try and try again to get a decent rendering. This time it seems to me that did not come so bad!
I downloaded a scene ready for an interior that seemed suitable. I exploded the components in SketchUp and I exported in OBJ format. What I am attaching the result with no post production, as you can see, despite 12 hours of a dual Xeon, there is still noise and white dots. I hope that with the next versions will be solved some problems. greetings

ok! but I was not able to attach the image. I do not see how you can attach! Confused
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This forum currently doesn’t support attachments. You can insert images you have uploaded to a remote location in the posts using html, for example:

Regarding the rendering, nice looking materials. The white dots problem will be solved soon.

Thank you! Laugh