The consistancy of simplicity


Grate software by he way in terms of user friendly it beas most of the other render engines.

I wanted to buy Maxwell render so badly but could not afford it at this present time. such dilemma.

Anyway I found Fluidray and I took to it like duck to water. The same way I new to purchase Sketchup by trying out the software within a month on a serious project without ever referring to any instructions or user manual. So to my surprise I ended up buying Fluidray and a he right time.

I have fogorten about Maxwell.

NOW ABOUT KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Sketchup is rated among the top softwares for using General recognizable naming system within it’s Menu Palette, the simple Grouping/Compnants creating and editing within interactive window without complicated object and material trees, i,e you don’t have to assign names o every material, object or instance, but you can find the specific item or material so easily without spending an entire afternoon looking for one material or an object which you for forgot to give name to.

I think Fluidray would exceed most of the top render software if it led the way by giving us he Dummies version of editing withing the render viewport.

Using mouse cursor Point_Highlight & Click Editing in terms of Cut/Delete/Split Geometry_Object_Instance and highlight a triangle or section and apply i.e different materials. simple.



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